PrePass App is Now on Geotab

May 06, 2020

PHOENIX, AZ – The PrePass® app, the leading provider of weigh station bypass services in the United States, is now integrated with Geotab, a leading telematics provider to truck fleets. This integration allows motor carriers to access PrePass weigh station bypass notifications and driver safety alerts directly within the Geotab Drive app.

Geotab’s telematics solution, which is utilized by more than 2 million vehicles, enables trucing companies to make data-driven decisions to help them better manage their fleets. Processing more than 40 billion data points each day, Geotab provides customers with the tools needed to monitor and optimize vehicle efficiencies, including fuel consumption, engine data, driver productivity and safety and hours-of-service.

“The integration of PrePass for Geotab customers provides seamless access to bypass and safety alerts through the Geotab Drive application,” said Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “We are excited to offer this integration and help more carriers save time and fuel, while improving highway safety.”

Investment funds managed by Alinda Capital Partners own CVO | Connected Vehicle Optimization which administers the PrePass programs.