Alinda Capital Partners rebrands its mid-market infrastructure strategy to Astatine Investment Partners

Apr 13, 2022

Wednesday April 13, 2022: Alinda Capital Partners has been investing in and managing infrastructure investments for over 17 years. Today, our mid-market, core-plus infrastructure business is known as Astatine Investment Partners (“AIP”). Our name change is a reflection of our shift from our origins as a large-cap, core focused infrastructure manager, to our current focus as a mid-cap, core-plus focused manager, under a new leadership team. Astatine is the rarest naturally-occurring chemical element on earth and is difficult to synthesise. We believe that our mid-market investment strategy is unique, ahead of the curve and difficult to replicate. We are focused on finding innovative ways to invest in digital, transportation, utility-related and essential services infrastructure, in spaces adjacent to core infrastructure.