Our approach to ESG

Robust & Sophisticated Process

ESG issues have always been embedded into the Manager’s thinking and are integrated into the investment process.

ESG considerations will be integrated throughout the lifecycles of all investments.

AIP integrates ESG throughout the investment cycle

  • Pre-Acquisition
  • Sourcing/Screening
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment Decision


  • Target assets in North America and Europe, both recognized as having strong legal standards governing ESG issues
  • High-level review of potential environmental issues, health & safety, permitting issues, compliance, etc
  • Robust ESG criteria for prospective investments are thoroughly reviewed during due diligence
  • AIP’s Investment process requires that a targeted investment’s performance with respect to ESG matters be considered as part of the investment decision
    • ESG issues help identify potential risks and opportunities for value creation
    • ESG factors can be a negative screening mechanism
  • Post-Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Asset Management/Value
  • Creation
  • Monitoring & Transparency
  • Exit


  • Once acquired, AIP’s ESG policies set out requirements for a comprehensive review of the ESG program, risks and opportunities for the acquired company
  • Results of the review are incorporated into AIP’s "100-Day Plan" process for the company
  • Each portfolio company, with AIP’s guidance, operational and ESG expertise, develops and implements an appropriate ESG program tailored to its unique business, operations and geography
  • ESG performance is monitored and benchmarked to industry peers
  • Regular reporting of ESG performance at portfolio company Board meetings (which include AIP personnel) and to AIP’s Investment Committee
  • Third party ESG assessment and scoring
  • Target top quartile ESG performance to de-risk the business and maximize exit value