Our approach to ESG


The approach and policies to environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) described here are those of Astatine Investment Partners ("AIP") and are applied by AIP to every fund or account under its management.

AIP's commitment to ESG

AIP is a pioneer in ESG stewardship in global infrastructure. With a focus on Environment, Health and Safety going back over a decade, AIP’s commitment to ESG continues to evolve. Today, AIP is committed to engaging with its portfolio companies to drive ESG programmes and realise material improvements and best-in-class transparency on these initiatives in accordance with global standards.

AIP is a member or signatory of the following:

UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

AIP was awarded a UN PRI rating of A+ for Strategy and Governance and an A rating in Infrastructure in 2020, the latest year for which ratings are available.

GRESB Infrastructure

An early member of GRESB Infrastructure, AIP and its portfolio companies participate in the GRESB assessment annually. AIP’s head of ESG sits on the GRESB Infrastructure Standards Committee, helping to shape the future of ESG reporting in the infrastructure space.

In 2021, AIP received a GRESB Management score of over 93%. The score is an overall measure of ESG performance. This provides investors with a quantitative insight into ESG performance in absolute terms, over time and against peers.

GRESB is a mission-driven and industry-led organization that provides actionable and transparent ESG data to financial markets. Created in 2009, GRESB is the global ESG benchmark for financial markets. In 2021, GRESB BV – a benefit corporation – began the process of establishing an independent, not-for-profit GRESB Foundation to own and govern the standards upon which GRESB Assessments are based.


AIP intends to classify certain currrent and future investment products as Article 8 “light green” products following an internal assessment of the application of the SFDR. In general, these investments will promote environmental and social characteristics but will not have sustainable investment as their objective.


AIP became a supporter of TCFD in 2020.

AIP ESG Committee

AIP has established a stand-alone ESG committee as an adjunct to the Investment Committee. The Committee meets quarterly to review ESG policies and implementation to ensure ongoing oversight and continuous improvement as the ESG landscape and issues evolve.