Our approach to ESG

SDG Sector Invested Initiatives

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Digital Infrastructure

Emitel – Acknowledged as one of the best employers in Poland by Top Employer Institute

QTS Manassas Data Center – Exceptional employee satisfaction, at or above the 90th percentile in Gartner survey

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure, Utility-Related Infrastructure

ACL Airshop – Pioneer in ULD pooling, providing critical infrastructure to enable global trade

CVO Holdings – Supports the safety, efficiency and growth of freight movement in the United States

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Digital Infrastructure

Emitel – Provides TV and radio access in Poland with nearly 100% population coverage and is modernizing communications infrastructure to support higher speed service to even the most remote rural areas

Responsible Consumption and Production

Transportation Infrastructure, Utility-Related Infrastructure

ACL Airshop – Reduced resource intensity through pooling efficiencies, digitalisation and asset lifetime optimisation

Kelling Group – Waste-to-energy programme reduced landfill waste by over 90% in 2020, and enhanced procedures for handling, segregating and disposing of aerosol products and containers, to reduce GHG emissions

Climate Action

Digital Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure, Utility-Related Infrastructure

Emitel – Reduced CO2 and N2O emissions by 30-40% 2017-2020. Installing solar power at tower sites

ACL Airshop – Optimises its fleet and network to reduce GHGs

PECO Pallet – Improved facilities and optimised it’s fleet recover map to reduce energy consumption and emissions

Life on Land

Digital Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure

Emitel – Operates multiple environmental programmes aimed at employees and local communities

QTS Manassas Data Center – Implemented robust sustainable procurement policies and procedures

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Utility-Related Infrastructure

Kelling Group – Participates in industry certifications (e.g., UK rail industry’s RISQS and SMAS Worksafe) to verify it’s product quality and high operational and safety standard