Our approach to ESG

A focussed approach

Astatine’s ESG Strategy and approach is focused on two main components:

ESG management

Core Values

Making ESG a core value at Astatine, with demonstrated commitment from senior management and strong ESG culture instilled throughout the organization.


Demonstrating ESG stewardship though engagement with portfolio company management and external frameworks.


Establishing and implementing robust policies at both fund and portfolio company levels.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging employees, contractors, investors, local communities, regulators/government groups, and external framework providers.

ESG performance monitoring, risk assessment & transparency


Developing processes to regularly monitor and collect relevant ESG KPIs from all portfolio companies.

Risk Management

Regularly assessing and analysing risks,and addressing issues as needed.


Regularly and transparently reporting relevant ESG performance, initiatives and KPIs internally, to external stakeholders and publicly through third party assessments.

ESG initiatives

Guiding and supporting portfolio company management to implement appropriate ESG initiatives that address risks and opportunities.